About Us

About Us

Our company, which was established in Istanbul in 2017, has international and domestic solution partners, publishing houses, bookbinding houses, printing houses, fantasy box facilities, etc. with its strong financial structure. has become a strong solution partner in the supply of cardboard to companies.

By establishing a hard cover grinding facility in 2021, it has also become an important solution partner in cardboard processing.

Our company continues its activities by expanding its product range without compromising the principle of customer satisfaction.


Our DPlus history in brief



Warehouse opening


It was established at the address of İOSB Sefaköy San.Sit.7.Blok No:22 İkitelli 34306 İSTANBUL


Has started to manufacture hard cover at the address of 3. Matbaacılar Sitesi Yakuplu Mahallesi 194. Sokak No 471 Beylikdüzü / İstanbul
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Dplus Paper provides all kinds of paper and cardboard needs to companies operating in the printing, packaging and publishing sectors.

İOSB Sefaköy San.Sit.7.Blok No:22 İkitelli 34306 İSTANBUL
+90 212 407 00 51
(09:00 - 18:00)